The Online Love Connection Part 1

by Dusty Crawford
Chuck Woolery who was by the way before Pat Sajak the original wheel of fortune game show host. Remember his famous saying before a commercial on the love connection. We will be back in two in two. Come on now everybody loved Chuck.

When I first approached this project my intent was to research and do a generalized report on Dating sites. They all are the same right? They look the same. They all have a free membership. You input what you are looking for on their online site database search engine and you find your perfect match.

However what I found out, much to my surprise, was that they all seemed to have the same business model of offering different social community networks to all lifestyles and aspects of life. Many of the companies reach out to the broader Internet community they cover all legal age groups including seniors. Some covering the western hemisphere and many covering all corners of the globe.

The first thing I tried to do was a Internet search engine search on all the dating sites. If you are looking for a good site I suggest you don't take that approach their are a gigantic amount of sites out there. So what I did was try to find the major ones with decent track records with minimal complaints and focus on them.

Here is the information that I have uncovered and would like to share the results with you.

Most of these sites are very effective in using existing cyber tools that are already in place online. With these Internet modes of communication they bring a group self announced single bachelor's and bachorlet's with similar confessed shared interest and views together into one socializing community.

So why are dating sites different than My space, AOL, Face book or any other Cyber community. Of course their are similarities but the other communities are for the sole purpose of socializing and not with the intent to find a soul mate or someone to make your life more complete.

It is however up in the air of wither or not these Dating Cyber communities are beneficial to society on a whole or not. One would argue that they are because they are propelling people together and giving them and opportunity to interact and to meet new and interesting people and some boring people as well.

The first major dating company is Friend Finder their networks cover different parts of the globe all the different legal age groups including seniors their categories are:

Amigos • AsiaFriendFinderJewishFriendFinderGermanFriendFinderGayFriendFinderBigChurch.

Their approach they have combined what AOL, my space and of course have already perfected. They communication tools the membership screen name the profile the chat, and the blog all of which you may agree are good forms of cyber communication.

~Next Part 2 Review of: Latin Ladies Rock~

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