Choosing the right Turnkey Company

Looking for a good Turnkey Company is similar to looking for a good Website Hosting Company. website:
top 10 web hosting

you want to make sure they have a good sound customer support system with an adequate ticket response system and preferably a 24/7 customer support either through online chat or toll free service. If they have a toll free number don't hesitate to call it and see if someone answers it
or is it just a recording with business hours.
Look at the bottom of the sites home page
see how old the copyright page is. This will give you and indication of how long the company has been around. This of course can be fudged but it is where you start.
Send an email
The other thing you can do is send them an email and just ask how old they are how many is officially on their staff. If you send an email very important time how long they reply to it from after the auto-response email make sure the reply is professional friendly customer service wording and has correct spelling. a good response time is 24-48 hours. If you get an email 3 or 4 days later read for a very good reason maybe their server went down etc.
Hold your hand
A turnkey company isn't expected to run your site or business but they should be there for support for the smooth transition to watch over your shoulder and hold your hand as necessary until you can walk on your own.
Choosing the right turnkey company
is a combination of a bunch of things not necessarily a standard blueprint of what is a good or company. It depends on what your online niche or online business objective is. Their service should definitely offer a smooth and easy transition of the premade website product to be delivered directly over to the customers hands with very little computer programing to be known on the buyers behalf.
Points of consideration
Below are good key points but not necessarily all. These points may help you out but the main thing is to do your homework and research the company before you sign on the dotted line and give them your business. Find the right company that you are comfortable with and meets your business plan.
Good Uptime
like i mentioned earlier similar to webhosting companies make sure the turnkey company that you deal with has plenty of bandwith and has a good uptime record and limited or waived hosting fees try not to get into contracts. So if you want to pick up and move your site to another hosting site you have the option to do so.
Well Organized user friendly site
While on their site look for samples of screenshots of their premade websites. Look for working scripts. Look for fresh updates of new products. Look for tutorials, HTML help, Java script help.
Make sure they offer your Niche
what kind of selection of categories of sites do they offer? If not can they custom make a site for you. That has a professional touch to it that will represent your brand name. Do they offer Drop shipping in the package or is it separate. Do their sites offer a
easy to use control panel?
Do you control
Do you control what products you sell? or do you have to sell what the turnkey company tells what to sell. This is not a problem for some but do you have complete 100% control of your business and it's products. Is their just a one time charge? Are their any other hidden fees. All of this is research you should do before signing on the dotted line.
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  1. Do you have any names for turnkey sellers that are legitimate? Looking on E-bay so many sellers.