Secret: Niche Sites Sells

Secret: Niche Sites Sells
Is this really a secret or is it just me? It's no secret people are making money all over the world with these so called niche sites. What are they? Niche sites are basically an item that has had popularity for awhile but is just becoming in great demand by the general online shopper or web surfer. What is hot right now may not be hot tomorrow.
Catch the fresh wave and ride the Tube
One thing is for certain though if you do your research it is possible you to ride the next marketing trend. Where I go for this info is a unique search engine designed for Marketing research and online shopping behaviour. It give you the current 100 or so niche trends. It is a free service that snoops on the Internet and designed with very important statistics to help the online marketer make good decisions. its called SpyFu and I have left a link to it below.

SpyFu ...

What is

Hot,Hot,Hot right now

Internet Downloading

music,current movies and old,online games
These sites not only offer instant gratification you get it right on the spot. People are in a hurry these days they want it right now. They don't seem to accept that some things should take awhile to get, so these sites do just that they satisfy this need for speed. These sites not only offer old movies and music but many of them offer new releases. Here is an article on a
Guide to downloading movies online
How to spot these trends?
It's simple you have to keep your eyes and ears open. Yes, unfortunately you have to read the news and keep up with current events. Why? I know I hate to read the news too. It can sometimes be so depressing. And that's just reading about Hollywood.:) Believe it or not you can find a lot of niche trends there by reading about the stars. They tend to create trends to.

The Subliminal effect

Current events do have a subliminal effect on websufing behaviour to a great extent. I'm not making this up. I will give you an example: Gas prices went up. So less and less people were
driving. If they had to drive it was for just necessary reasons. This caused folks to spend less money hence the online downloading sites started to boom for one it is cheaper to download a movie online off of the Internet than it is to hop into your car and go to the local video store. Netflix will force Blockbuster to change their way of doing business. Just watch you heard it here first.
Out of the movie
Guess what When you get to the video rental place they may not even have your movie release. So you drove all this way and you will have to make due of what releases that they have.
Example two: everyone sees lance Armstrong with a yellow band on his hand someone

asks him 'hey lance what is that all about' He tells them and all of a sudden their is mass demand for a yellow band on your wrist. so you have the original selling out and next thing you see pink and red purple wrist bands representing other social things

Trends and Niches
You have to stay abreast of the news and the Internet if you want to really have a successful niche site. It's takes hard work but it's fun work to use your brain cells, imagination and common sense If you see or read something write it down on paper and then brainstorm it of how it might affect each demographic age group. You can utilize the idea and make it your own and tweak it. until it fits your site

Create your own Niche?
It is possible to create a demand for unpopular niches popularize them and make them your own. Become the founder so to speak. This seems to be a new trend trend in online marketing. It's a lot of work but think about it you won't have to hop and crawl over people already on the trend to get to the top of the wave. Less competition usually give better gratification in the end... I will write an article about this some other time of ways how to do this..

Finally remember Demographics, not just the ones in your world or country but in others as well. If you want to be successful you have to keep in tune with World Marketing Demographics. An important thing to remember they are not just particular to the US or UK or the West but keep in touch with different parts of the World Asia, East Asia, Russia, China. Then you have to sub divide the regions. If you don't have a translator on your website it would be a good idea to put one on it. Google offers a free one by the way Google Translate I know this sounds very simple and like duh but you will be surprised of how many sites out there don't have a way to translate.
Not all online surfers surf the same way and they see the Internet a bit differently as well.

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