What is a Turnkey Website?

What is a Turnkey website?

Turnkey Website
A turnkey website is sold as a completely operational functional interactive site with complete scripts forms shopping carts, Affiliate programs, on line hosting etc. everything you need to run the on line business is basically supplied. You need not know very much if anything at all about building a website. Hence the term turnkey all the buyer of the Web Site has to do is turn the key and start up the website engine and they are up and running.

You own it 100%
Its sorta like a condo on the WWW. World Wide Web you buy it and you pay only the monthly hosting fees. Most companies start you out with limited waived hosting fees without a contract so if you have to move your site to a new web host you are free to do so. The beauty of this is that it belongs to you its 100% yours for you to run as your online business. If it appreciates in value and most websites often do after a period of time you can sell it just like you would a real estate property or condo. Buyer beware however. If you invest in a turnkey website make sure you do your research.

Promote Whatever niche
You can promote whatever niche you like with a Turnkey website. Believe it or not some Turnkey Websites are very simple static pages and only 1 page in length. The static page variety works really well with partner programs or affiliate programs. An example of a static page Turnkey would be how to get the best loan for a car and you would have the option to click affiliate links involving car loaning companies. Another would be a dating static page with dating affiliate links you may not even have to write on it at all you could just publish customers testimonials on their experience with the dating site services provided. However your average Turnkey website is simple and involves 1 - 5 pages in length. If you are an eBay affiliate or partner you can dedicate your website to promoting eBay products from any eBay category.
Many of the products that your site sells many of the drop ship companies handles all of the packaging and shipping for you and customer payment for the item or product goes right into a pay pal account. You can also coordinate your turnkey in conjunction with affiliate companies CLICKBANK digital products retailer or Online advertiser Commission Junction.
both of which are free to join.

Turnkey's utilize already existing resources
Of course in these hard times. A turnkey is something that actually works for you all the time. It utilizes already existing resources. It's not something that you have to fabricate create or make. The abundant resources of the global community shopping and surfing habits and the uniqueness of the Internet is already there for you to tap into.
Express yourself
If you are a photographer you can sell syndicated online digital photos. Do you love to write you can sell syndicated articles. Do you do a lot of foreign travel.
Write articles of places where you stayed how to get around etc. And sell travel packages in conjunction with this. Are you a housewife and have a newborn get a site write articles on baby car seats do this in conjunction with eBay and sell baby car seats baby needs etc. whatever in life you are comfortable with you can make and extension online enjoy it and make some money as well.

Extend what you know online and make money doing it.
A lot of people want to do this but they are concerned about building a website and running it. That is where the turnkey comes in. These sites like mentioned earlier are already premade or you can have the company make a site to your own specifications. This includes search engine optimization and search engine submission in a lot of cases. This gives you the freedom to express what you know make money, inform the public and genuinely help people improve their daily lives in the process.

No real computer skills needed
of course you do need to know some basic computer functions but no complicated skills required. the control panel of these sites are pretty straight forward point and click operations.

These sites are very profitable
People in over 200 countries from A - Z employ an army of in some cases 1000's of mini money making sites to work for them 24/7 365 days a week to generate extra cash streams or income. These people are quietly generating gradual compounding fortunes.

Why else should you do this?
I of course do this. There are of course thousands of reasons but I will give you 10 good reasons why you should get started on this.

1. The Internet is always turned on. Even after you turn your computer off people are always surfing the web 24/7 so yes even when you are in bed asleep in a good dream someone will visit your site.
2. You will make money even in this tough economic climate.
3. Create an extra stream of income
4. Turnkey e-commerce websites allow you to work part time or full time from your computer
5. They have very low overhead
6. You can participate no matter where you live in the world.
7. Even if you do not own a computer you could do this from an Internet cafe.
8. Money can be deposited into a pay pal account or directly into your bank account.
9. Treat your website like and employee it makes the money for you
10. Eventually of course fire your boss


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