Guide to Downloading Movies Online

If you are like me you probably enjoy good music, movies and fast cars, but who doesn't right? As you are probably noticing Movie downloading companies are springing up all over the net. I will discuss on some tips of course not all but some major points of consideration to look at on how you can find the right downloading company.
Why should you join?
Why join a club oppose to just bootleg and download all the movies you want free from links online. Well you can, It would be cheaper of course. I am a miser with my money so of course I don't see anything wrong with that. But most importantly you run a risk, a risk of exposing your computer system to harmful viruses Trojans etc.

Safe and Secure Downloading

With a movie downloading company you download risk free files that do not have any Trojans or viruses and if they do you have someone to take this up with random links online the files have been passed around so much it is even hard to find out who was the original author of the file let alone contacting so of course you are on your own. A free movie could easily do $200 -$300 dollars worth of damage to your computer wiping hard drives clean etc.

Mega Databases

It is basically industry standard that these companies will give you access to not just thousands but 80 million plus files just about every movie you can think of with full length new and old movies, full episodes of T.V. shows. music new and classic rock etc. Many but not all offer PSP games Wii games. So unlike when you go to the movie rental store. You do not have to worry about the empty box movie title being there. You search the database and download it. Onto your computer or storage drive. The download process is simple 3 steps search database download and burn.

Important: Points Of Considerations

1. 24/7 customer and technical support a toll free number

2. User friendly site even though a lot of these companies offer 3 step hassle free point and click downloads as easy as 1-2-3 search - download - and burn. Make sure they offer an easy point and click system and organized library system.

3. Make sure the company is up front with there costs and there site has all costs labeled no hidden fees. if you see something on their site you are unsure of contact them

4. Make sure your computer is compatible with their software so there is no compatibility issues if you have a brand new computer you of course wouldn't have to worry about this. How do you find this out? If it's not labeled on their site call them or email their support email.

6. Is the move download software free or is there a cost. If you have a Macintosh computer is it compatible with Mac? Which includes DVD copy software, Movie Players, CD burning software

7. Make sure it is a site that has unlimited downloads no time limits. No content limits, with no hidden fees. Unlimited bandwith. Do you have Playstation? PSP ready. Ipod ready.

8. Research the companies thoroughly shop around. Follow the above points of interest and you will find the club that suites your entertainment needs.

These Download clubs prices usually range from $40 - $50. They usually offer a yearly membership package or a lifetime membership. Check the individual sites for details of policies and membership limitations.

Below are some examples of active companies:

unlimited movie downloads

the movie downloads

My solution not to clutter my computers harddrive with all of these movies and music buy and inexpensive external storage drive you can download enormous amounts of files. I carry the drive with me on long trips and watch movies on my laptop a good online electronic source is - tiger direct

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