How to create a squeeze page

What is a squeeze page?
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A squeeze page consists of a headline, bullet points, and a subscription form.
Create Higher Conversions
With a good optimized squeeze page its possible to achieve conversion rates as high as 60% or more meaning 60% of the visitors to the squeeze page submitted their name and email address
A squeeze page consists of
a headline, bullet points, and a subscription form. You can also add testimonials and audio or video messages to increase your conversion rates. Use a clear and precise headline that clearly explains what you are offering.
You Have just 5-10
seconds to make your point. to grab the attention of your prospects with your headline or they will leave your squeeze page instantly. Try to answer the surfers question "What's will I gain from signing up?" as this is what your visitors will be asking themselves when they first see your squeeze page.
Use Bullet Points
Use bullet points to list all of the benefits that you are offering the prospect. You are trying to convince each visitor that what you are offering can solve their problems and improve their business.
Use A subscription form
Use a subscription form to collect the name and email address of each visitor to your squeeze page. All you need is the HTML code for the subscription form that is provided to you by the auto responder for whatever subscription service you are using. Just copy and paste the code into your squeeze page where you want the subscription form to be.
Use Call action phrases
Make sure that you use a call of action phrase such as "get your free report now" or "get free instant access" to encourage visitors to submit their name and email address. You can also use call of action phrases such as "send my free report now" or "give me free instant access" for the text in the submit button of your subscription form. Its possible to create a high quality squeeze page that is small enough to fit into the browser window (without needing to scroll down). You can do this by creating a wide page (about 800 pixels wide) and placing the headline with bullet points on the left and the subscription form on the right.
Offer bonuses or 'free' gifts
To increase your conversion rates you can also offer a free bonus gifts such as a report or ebook. This works best if you create a unique bonus yourself, related to what your offering, that is of great value to the prospect (making you different from everyone else).
Squeeze page/product offer
Here is a great example of an effective squeeze page in conjunction with selling a product it uses effective strategies that I have explained above to produce a high conversion rate collecting leads: !!~Zero to 50 in 30 days~!! I used Peter Tremayne because when I was just starting out in marketing he offers you information for $10 that others charge $67 - $97 . The other guys just add a lot of fluff to it.
a squeeze page just another tool that is great in helping you to succeed and increase your online profits:
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