Ashton Kutcher's Twitter 1 million visitors

Interesting accomplishment
It is a feat to actually take notice of @aplusk that someone can get 1 million people interested in a non-news topic and keep them focus and keep the momentum going for a short period of time. Considering the fact that your average web surfer is gone in 10 seconds from the time that they land on a web site start reading to the time that they leave a web site. If the site doesn't have a good hook or something that is of value to them then they are gone in 10 seconds. When the T.V. was vogue and started out people said it was the greatest invention since the telephone it was entertaining and had great redeeming value. It then got the reputation or the affectionate name as being the boob tube and the viewer just began to just flip from channel to channel and surf. We wonder these days why kids or people have (ADD) Attention Deficit Order.
With all the world economic downturn and bad news. Where some folks in the world have to struggle to get decent drinking water. Did Ashton really make a statement when he had the attention of so many people? Did he blow a chance to really spotlight some issue that is not socially right or sound in society? Not just mention about mosquito nets but to focus this event around the cause. In the same spirit of the late John Lennon. Many would argue that when he and Yoko got the attention of the masses whether you believed in it or not your eyes were always opened wide about some world situation or human experience good or bad.

So what is it to make of Ashton Kutcher's 1 million visitors? First of all I'm not here to bash Mr. Kutcher I admire him and I am a fan. He in the past has had some great projects that seem to be in step with the America mainstream in general with PUNKed and some pretty entertaining movies. When I look at this blip or incident in virtual history. Will it standout or stand alone? Is it an ego centric self propelling perpetuated prophecy? Or is it a profound genuine modern day online virtual statement? These are questions that I ask? When I look at the significance of this media feat or what some has called it a three ring circus act.
Popularity contest
This all kinda reminds me of my High school days, which in itself was also a social community. You had individuals trying to be the most popular so that they could get their name etched in place in the school year book as being voted as the most popular. Some actually did memorable accomplishments and some just made up stories and events just to move up on the list. Funny if I flashback to those moments back then I say to myself. Were they really that big of a deal?
AOL and Yahoo
I love Twitter and Myspace and it's grandparents AOL and Yahoo. These communities in general have great potential for the inner conscience of the many voices of the world and their perspective. They reflect a broad spectrum of ideas and concerns and values of the World community and represent the American western experience on a whole. So my main question of this article is this? Are these communities a consensus or forum of true social existence. To get what is really on peoples minds and to communicate real issues ETC or for that fact a good tool to communicate with family and friends or are they in some cases just mindless, meaningless shout outs, with no redeeming value. Don't get me wrong there are however great tributes and examples to the true American experience of what Kevin Spacey is doing with pass it on etc.

Ashton Kutchers 1 million followers taken from Go articles part 1 & part 2

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