Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name
Choosing the right domain name can be difficult. Whether you are choosing one that is free or one that is registered. It also can be a bit confusing. People tend to get frustrated because of all the things they feel they must consider. Will the search engine spiders pick up on it. When people do a keyword search for it, or will it just get lost in the sea of internet domain names.

Your internet site or companies street address
Just keep in mind your domain name is the center of your universe and your online identity. It is your online internet street address to your business or website. So when you choose it be sure to choose something that your website subject or niche is about make sure the words of your site is in the domain name. If your site is about cars make sure the word car is in the name if it is a certain brand be sure it is in the name.
Keyword Research
When choosing a name do your research be sure you choose a name that you can live with and will do your brand justice. A good place to start your research is SpyFu there you will find the top 100 most searched online niches. Next I suggest you find a good SEO keyword research site. there are many out there but the 2 top ones are Keyword Country and Wordtracker. These 2 companies have a bunch of free tools and a wealth of SEO articles and videos created and authored by many top practicing SEO marketers. Now that this is all said.
What tips
1. keep it short and easy to remember something that will remain on someones mind long after they have left your site.

2.what dot suffix .net .com .org .nfo .biz .us .ws etc. etc. or country .au . de .eu .asia etc. etc.

3. avoid trademark names I am not picking on these products or companies these are just examples. like coca cola, tootsie roll, toys are us.

4. Register your domain name quickly before it is taken

5. Sometimes, it isn’t a bad idea to register several similar domain names. When you find a name that you like You can register your full company name and a shorter, easier to remember version. Some people even register common misspellings of their company’s name. is usually the most reliable for domain names.

6.Just a reminder. Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and dashes. Spaces and symbols are not allowed. Also, domain names are not case sensitive.

7. Don’t pay a lot of money for your name a domain name can be purchased at GoDaddy for as little as $10 for one year. However if you are serious about your company or site and figure you will be around for awhile it is suggested that you buy a package for 3 or even 5 the name by friends relatives etc. is it hard to remember is it hard to spell Don't pay a lot for your name.

Name Branding
If you already have a name attached to a brand and you have put a lot of time and effort into this brand that is a different story you can go to whois who find the owner and offer them a price for the name. but think about it if someone already owns the name they also probably have put a lot of time and effort in establishing a following so if they sell it to you it will probably be at a higher cost than the usual $10 name price. If they do not sell it to you keep in mind if you have a similar brand name to theirs you have to establish your customers through their competing dot com is usually the most preferred suffix with it having over 70 million registered names.

next is probably the most popular are the .net or .org names people usually choose these suffixes because com was taken and it was what was left over.

China Market
However if you are focusing on a world niche say like china it would be wise to get a .cn domain and get your site translated in Chinese by a linguist. If you are thinking about targeting the China market for greater exposure.You can have your site translated and submitted to baidu. But keep in mind this is easier said than done there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through just to be qualified to submit your site. I will keep to the subject domain name in this article and write an article on this name why because one of the non announced requirements to get pass the china great internet (fire) wall is that you have to register a .cn domain name you stand a better chance getting accepted to baidu etc. for info on this go to CNNIC - which stands for China Internet Network Information Center

Try to use household names if they are still available. Where you aware that on an average 70% of internet surfers type the name directly into the browser. and an average of 30% of surfers use the actual search engine.

Register Domain as long as possible
Try to register your domain name out as long as possible godaddy offers a 10 year registration which will run about a $101 Try to avoid long hyphenate URLS many people are under the assumption as long as you have the search engine keywords in your URL it will be picked up by the spiders. this is true however one misspelling of your name the customer could end up at your competition. Protect your domain with extensions .net .org if you are and international company it might be a good idea to get the country domains .au .Eu .de etc. etc.

Buy Misspellings
If your budget can afford it buy misspellings of your domain name that way you won't lose traffic. Buy up common misspellings of your domain name. That way, you don’t leave traffic on the table -- and competitors won’t be able to buy the misspelled domains and siphon off traffic intended for your site.

Register your own name
Register your own first and last name as your URL if you are a consultant, writer, or other professional whose reputation in your field is critical to drawing customers. Think Dusty You have several options here. For instance, you can use your personal name as your business domain. Or, you can point your personal-name URL to a separate company website. Either way, people looking for you are more likely to also find your business website.


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