Become an Affiliate Marketer

Just What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Many times you will have seen previously in my articles I have mentioned affiliate marketing as a great way of setting up an online business. During this article I will provide a more in depth look at what it is exactly.

Affiliate Marketing is a method of promoting a product in which an affiliate is then rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer and/or sale provided through their efforts to the actual company selling the product. The compensation of commission that an affiliate gets may be based on a certain value for each exposure, visit)pay per click), new customer (pay per lead), sale which is usually a percentage of the item sold(pay per sale or revenue share) or it may be a combination of any of these.

Many companies like to use affiliate marketing because they do not incur any marketing expenses unless the desired result is realized.

There are also some e-commerce sites around today which run their own affiliate programs, while others use third party services. These provide intermediaries who will track traffic or sale that are referred to them from their various affiliates. There are many business online today who owe much of their growth and success to the use of affiliate marketing. It has been especially successful for small mid size business on the internet.

We have now looked at what affiliate marketing is, now let us look at some reasons as why it is a good type of online business to set up.

No Production Costs

With an affiliate program, production cost are no longer an issue as the product has been developed an proven to be good. Best of all, it has all come out of the merchant's accounts and not yours.

Do no need a lot of money to set up

All you will need is a desk, computer, internet connection and word processing software to get started.

Costs Involved

Normally it is free to join an affiliate program, and all the set up costs and shipping costs will be met by the merchant whose products you are selling. Plus, as you do not need any where to store goods, this is another reason for joining and affiliate program. So even if you happen to live in a 1 bedroom apartment, you can still sell the biggest products going as an affiliate because all the goods are held by the merchant you are working as an affiliate for.

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